I work in freelance und live between Berlin, Lausanne and Montreal.

Today, my focus is on supporting diversity and inclusion at the intersection of social struggles in the worlds around me. I develop digital and print com­munication strategies for organizations that need to better disseminate their messages, actions, research and prevention initiatives. Although I am sensitive to all forms of discrimination, I am especially committed to the rights of women* and the LGBTQ+ community.

I come from Lausanne and live between Berlin and Montreal. I fell in love with the first one when I was thirteen and the second one when I was thirty. Starting my freelance career in 2013 has transformed my life: it has allowed me to travel freely, to eat pasta without remorse and to strengthen my feminist and activist convic­tions. I love the word Sisterhood*, a magical concept that excludes no one and celebrates fulfilling, comforting and enriching human connections; it gives me the impression that everything will end well. I like vulnerability, this facet of emotional courage unjustly categorized as a weakness. I believe in the power of collective action and the virtues of a good soup with lots of good stuff in it.

★ I've worked as a graphic designer and web developer on many different projects that you can discover on my portfolio.