Minute Papillon …
Born in 1989, graphic designer, established in Berlin. Since 2014 I work as a freelancer between here and Switzerland.

… before, I worked as an Editorial Designer at Berlin Poche (french-speaking cultural magazine), as a Graphic Designer at Helvetiq (a swiss start-up specialised in games and educational books), and have also had the privilege to collaborate for a season with the collective El Fantasma de Heredia in Buenos Aires and to get closer to the frame of mind of independent and engaged Designers (in Human Rights, Feminism, in between others). Before that, I have joined the team of Piscatello Graphic Design Centre in New York City for an internship after my studies at ERACOM (Lausanne-CH).

I make visual identities, editorial design (books, magazines), print design, promotion prints (brochures, flyers), illustrations, packaging design (labels, boxes) and websites based on WordPress.

I am particularly interested in projects related to culture (arts, local culture), education (especially foreign languages) and in social and engaged initiatives. I am used to work within small and medium-sized companies, young entrepreneurs, associations and municipalities.

Established in Berlin, where I also teach French as a foreign language, I work as a Graphic Designer equally for German and Swiss clients, and I am regularly at free disposal for gatherings in both regions.

I collaborate in a regular basis with Graphicalism, Yann Lederrey, Anouch Bezelgues et Anna Fischer.

Roxanne Borloz | roxboz[at]gmail.com | +41 79 787 95 53 | +49 160 955 72 416